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stop dieting     eat mindfully     curb emotional eating


  • "Mindful eating - at last, something that makes sense and actually works." (Katherine, 26)
  • "When I allow myself to eat whatever I want, I eat less. What a revelation!" (Julio Rodriguez, 63)
  • "Weight loss without dieting. Why didn't I find out about this years ago" (Dave, 56)
  • "I know what hunger is now and I eat when I'm hungry. Comfort eating has reduced beyond all my expectation." (Sandra, 39)

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  • "I eat what I want now, but I don't over-eat. That's the key to natural weight loss." (John 34)
  • "Finally - something that addresses emotional eating. These tools are actually life skills that everybody needs to learn whether they're a comfort eater or not." (Alexander,26 )
  • "No more diets for me! Diets don't work. (Jo, 47)
  • "I was sure that if I ate whatever I wanted there would inevitably be weight gain. But with Fiona's toolkit, the reverse happens. It's led to weight reduction." (Pedro, 51)


Take a Weight Off Your Mind is an 8 week online weight loss programme, developed by me Fiona Hoban, who has over 10 years' experience working with people who are tired of yo-yo dieting or who simply want to have a more balanced attitude towards themselves, their body and food.

Essentially, if you are overweight it is because you are overeating. So if you don't want to be overweight you need to stop overeating! My programme teaches you how to stop over-eating and lose weight naturally based on three key principles: Stop Dieting, Eat Mindfully, Curb Emotional Eating.

Week on week new tools are introduced that teach you how to lose weight without dieting. At the end of the 8 week programme you have a comprehensive took kit that enables you to naturally reduce how much you eat by between 10-20 percent. This may seem a modest result, but the end of the 8 weeks is really just the beginning.

As you continue to use the tools and weight loss tips into the future, you can continue to maintain your weight or, if necessary, reduce your overall food intake by a further 10 - 20 percent. (Anything more than 20 percent is not sustainable long-term.) On the Take a Weight Off Your Mind programme, there is no weekly weigh in, no diet plans, no tracking, counting or monitoring. There is no product being sold. The key principles of Stop Dieting, Eat Mindfully, Curb Emotional Eating give you the tools to stop overeating and start losing weight that is realistic and sustainable.